Imperix Boombox 3.0

【🇨🇭 Imperix Boombox 3.0 is coming!】

A Rapid Control Prototyping, Boombox 3.0, has updated new characteristics.

Let’s take a look!

▷ NEW DSP: 2xARM 1Ghz
▷ New FPGA: 4ns PWM resolution
▷ More I/Os: 134 user I/Os

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High-Power SiC and Si Module Platform for Automotive Traction Inverter

【High-Power SiC and Si Module Platform for Automotive Traction Inverter】

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PLECS Simulation V-Model

PLECS Simulation V-Model】

PLECS is the tool of choice for high-speed simulation of power electronic systems. It is available in the development process of power electronics refers to a V-Model.

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Littelfuse – Best MOSFETs

【Littelfuse – Best MOSFETs】

Best in Class Ultra Junction MOSFETs Deliver the Power Advantage:…


PLECS RT Box - Electrical Vehicle Testing

【PLECS RT Box - Electrical Vehicle Testing!】

PLECS RT Box could be used on electrical drives testing.

Let’s looking forward to the DEMO KIT which is made by Plexim.

More application information below for your reference.

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2018 39th Electrical power engineering conference

December 15~16, 2018, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The annual power engineering conference is one of the important conferences of domestic energy and power technology and related engineering which was held at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

The theme of the conference is “Grid hardening and modernization”. They hope to understand the needs of Taiwan’s future power grids for energy transformation and provide excellent technical services and improvement solutions for the industry. Moreover, this is an opportunity to learn about industry’s needs and future research directions as a reference for teaching research.



2018 ABB high power semiconductors technology and application conference

November 29, 2018, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-sen University

We specially invited ABB account manager, Mr. Rory Dickman, to introduce the applications and development of high power semiconductors.

He clarified the innovative technology of ABB high power semiconductors and how to apply on the various products to grasp the opportunities and the trend of technology development in the highly competitive future.

Symposium themes include energy storage, power grid, renewable energy, motor drives and SEMIS simulation software.


2018 Annual academic meeting of HVDC and power electronics technical committee of CSEE

October 25~26, 2018, Zhejiang

The themes of committee include direct current transmission, power electronics, new energy grid-connected, micro-grid and smart grid. It demonstrates the research results of ultrahigh voltage direct current (UHVDC) technology, flexible DC transmission and distribution technology and smart grid in the meeting.


2018, 15th Taiwan power electronics conference and exhibition

September 14~15, 2018, National Chin-Yi University of Technology

The conference is about power electronics and issues of its applications in energy saving, such as electric energy transform, motor control, motor drive, electric vehicle, solid state lightening, green energy system, smart grid, power semiconductors, IC and energy harvesting technology, etc.


2018, 12 th Symposium on Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, SPEED

April 14~15, 2018, China University of Mining and Technology

SPEED is one of the most important academic symposiums in power electronics and electrical drivers of China universities.
PLECS RT Box was highly concerned about its easy operating by many participated professors in the symposium.