Plexim GmbH developed PLECS simulation software which is the tool of choice for high-speed simulations of power electronic systems in 2002. It enables to use as a Blockset version for seamless integration with MATLAB®/Simulink, and provide the solution of electrical circuit with Simulink.


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1) PLECS Blockset

PLECS Blockset is a unique tool for the fast simulation of power electronic circuits within the Simulink environment. It allows combined simulations of electrical circuits modeled in PLECS with controls modeled in Simulink. Those familiar with Simulink will be comfortable with the PLECS schematic editor right away.

Each PLECS circuit is represented in a Simulink model as an individual block. The user can feed signals into the block to control electrical sources or switch devices. Measurements taken inside the PLECS Circuit block are accessible at the block’s outputs. Measurements can be displayed in a scope, post-processed in MATLAB, or used to control the system. PLECS Blockset users can take advantage of the entire Simulink library and the various extensions to model special controls or other physical domains.

2) PLECS Standalone

PLECS Standalone is an autonomous software package for time-domain simulation of power electronic systems. If independence from other simulation platforms is important, PLECS Standalone provides the all-in-one solution for modeling complex electrical circuits and sophisticated controls in a single environment. With the comprehensive block library, PLECS Standalone offers a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic system simulation in general.

PLECS Standalone comes with its own engine for solving circuit equations. The user can choose between variable-step and fixed-step solvers. Variable time-step solvers are generally preferred for accurate and efficient simulations, because they adopt the step size during the simulation depending on model dynamics. PLECS Standalone provides optimized implicit and explicit variable-step solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems.

3) Real-Time Box

The PLECS RT Box is a state of the art real-time simulator. With its 32 analog and 64 digital input/output channels and its 1 GHz dual-core CPU it is a versatile processing unit for both real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and rapid control prototyping (RCP).