[Nabertherm N…/DB Combi Furnace – debinding and sintering in one process]

These furnaces are specially developed for debinding and sintering in one process. The furnaces have a fresh air supply providing for dilution of the exhaust gases produced during debinding, for safe prevention of an inflammable atmosphere in the furnace chamber.
– Tmax 1280°C, 1340°C , 1400°C
– Five-side heating for a good temperature uniformity
– Motor-driven exhaust air flap on the furnace roof
– This debinding package provides for an injection of fresh air for atmosphere dilution which means that the     furnace works under overpressure during debinding.
– As a professional solution for production furnaces, we recommend the debinding package DB200. The oven then a warm fresh-air injection with variable speed through distribution tubes in the furnace chamber. The exhaust fan operates also with a variable fan speed. The PLC automatically regulates a negative pressure inside the furnace chamber.


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